Never mind the rain: Why Danes cycle more than Luxembourgers – 14.05.2014

 •  April 30

On May 14th, 2014, the Lëtzebuerger Vëlos-Initiativ and the Ministry of Sustainable Development will host a talk by Mikael Colville-Andersen, a...

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Hej cyklist! – Copenhagen by bike, part 1

 •  June 29

Off to CPH Christiana Freetown I’ve been kicking around the idea of going to Copenhagen for a while. I had one main goal: explore the cycling...

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Take part in the cycle-to-work challenge Mam Vëlo op d’Schaff!

 •  May 15

What is it? Mam Vëlo op d’Schaff oder an d'Schoul ("To work and school by bike") is a challenge organised each year by Luxembourg Transport...

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Cycling to Maastricht

 •  May 13

Luxembourg is not only a great place for day trips but also a good base for visiting neighbouring countries and those farther afield. Local cycling...

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