Sight-seeing by bike: Reims

 •  September 14

We all love travelling :) When you come to a new city, everything seems so interesting! You look on the map you've just got in the local Info Centre,...

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Tips for dealing with road accidents

 •  August 11

Roads are dangerous by their very nature. Every day when you ride your bike, you accept the risk, at the same time hoping that nothing bad will...

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Trying out Google Maps’ new cycling directions

 •  July 24

A couple days ago I was cycling from Bertrange to Bridel where I had an appointment. It was only 10km, I had enough time, so I decided to follow the...

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Cycling to Flanders

 •  July 12

Several months ago, on the Easter weekend, me and my friend Joe decided to go cycling to Flandria. I love this region, its architecture, language and...

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