First AlleyCat in Luxembourg

 •  September 6

It was a first for the urban cycling scene in Luxembourg. And it began rather mysteriously with a seemingly random invite to a Facebook event that...

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Coupe Scolaire, a Luxembourgish tradition

 •  July 11

Photo above from The Coupe Scolaire is annual event that is held in every commune in Luxembourg that has a primary...

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BE Bike, the new e-bike network in Bertrange

 •  July 1

It seems that personal mobility is becoming more and more important for the majority of citizens. Certainly partly due to soaring oil prices but...

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A look at Critical Mass Luxembourg, a celebration of cycling

 •  June 24

Critical Mass is a worldwide cycling event which is generally held on the last Friday of the month. In 2011, a group of motivated everyday...

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