17.11.2013 — Last cycling tour before the snow

 •  November 15

Before everything turns white, let's cycle together one last time! We'll meet at 13:00 this Sunday, October 17th, by the Vel’oh! stand and bike...

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26.10.2013 — Three Rivers Cycling Tour

 •  October 23

This Saturday's cycling tour will be about 54km along the Sûre from the Alzette to the Moselle. The tour is completely flat, and doable by...

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19.10.2013 — Autumn Cycling to Colmar-Berg

 •  October 18

Let's meet on Saturday, October 19th at 12:30 pm in front of the Luxembourg Central train station. We will go by train to Kleinbettingen, then...

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6.10.2013 — Little Sunday Cycling Tour

 •  October 1

We will meet on Sunday, October 6th at 13:00 am in front of the Luxembourg Gare Centrale train station . At 13:15 we will catch a train to...

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