A look back at BAFF Night at CarréRotondes – 23.01.2014

 •  February 3

While we are gearing up for the next BAFF Night at CarréRotondes, you are invited to take a look back at the first BAFF Night held on January 23,...

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Hej cyklist! – Copenhagen by bike, part 2

 •  October 13

Copenhagen cycling infrastructure – a wonderful thing I was struck by the huge number of cyclists in Copenhagen, and how relaxed, good looking and...

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♥ moj rower – Asia

 •  October 7

My bike was one of the first things I bought when I moved to Luxembourg. I could not imagine living anywhere without having a two-wheeler. But for...

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Alexander and Laura: Travelling with kids in a bike trailer

 •  September 12

I met Alexander during the last edition of the Fête du Vélo in June. What captured my attention was a trailer attached to his bike. He was towing...

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