At least there’ll be great parking: that’ll bring the tourists in.

 •  June 12

Isn’t Rue Sigefroi a nicer place to be now? To walk, to hang out, to shop, to cycle; to be. And we have the lovely new lift for those down there or...

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A Cycle Tour of Four Countries – In One Day

 •  November 6

Some time ago I noticed that the geographical situation of Luxembourg offers cyclists a tantalising challenge: four distinct countries in a single...

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City and Country – Into the Syre Valley (57km)

 •  November 6

A step-by-step guide to a circular ride passing through the city and arching out to the east. The Alzette Ieweschte Syrdall Total Distance...

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An Autumnal Ride Along and Around The Southern Luxembourgish Moselle (60km)

 •  October 30

I have been riding some of the routes outlined in the Guy Binsfeld publication “66 Itinéraires Cyclistes”: the orange loose-leaf book in their...

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