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As well as Sunday being the last day of the official Coffeeneuring 2017 challenge it also marked World Day of Remembrance for Victims of Road Traffic Accidents. In addition to this it is 4 years (and a day) since the Cycle Luxembourg ride that brought together a married couple.

With these three things in mind we organised a ride which looked at specific infrastructure and led to some discussions on how to keep people on bikes and people on foot safe. We crossed over and under many of the bridges, and also were tempted by the new bi-directional fully segregated bicycle path along JFK in Kirchberg (opens 10th December 2017 – so we didn’t use it yet). Finally we ended up in the Chocolate House to fulfil the terms of the Coffeeneuring project; Hot Chocolate as well as coffee is officially permitted.

The weather had been awful for a week or so, but Sunday proved a lovely sunny day, and was as “warm” as 6 or 7 degrees. Meeting at the back of Auchan Kirchberg we set off along the cycle path through to d’Coque, and across JFK, from where you can even glimpse the Cathedral.

Over the red bridge, and round the back of Pescatore (new infra!), then across the road to bemoan that rock in the park. It has been put there to curb cyclists, for some reason, yet causes more problems between those on foot and those on wheels than ever there were before.

We went under the Pont Adolphe twice; once on the new hanging bridge, and once alongside the Péitruss. Not a single member of the party could be persuaded to show us any tricks on their bike at the huge skate park, installed this summer under the Passerelle bridge. Next we warmed up by heading up Rue Sosthene Weis to pass below the Pont du Château (Bock Bridge); up the new lift; back to the top of that bridge; up the newly peaceful Rue Sigefroi; and finally into the crowded Chocolate House to warm up, having locked the bikes up in front of the Grand Palace.

A lovely ride, with great company, to end this year’s CL rides; see in you the spring!


Many thanks to Tristan for the best photos.

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