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Looking for an interesting afternoon meeting new people Andrea joined one of our rides, four years ago. Here is her story…

Having been a cycling commuter in the mean streets of London it was natural I would continue to cycle to work once I moved to the more genteel Luxembourg in November 2013. It’s a wonderful way to start the day, as well as being quicker than the bus or car. All the stresses and worries of the day are worked out of your system by the bicycle on the return in the evening, as well.

In addition to being an excellent and swift means of essential transport the bicycle is also a wonderful leisure activity; and a ‘passport’ to friendship. So cycling was always my passion and getting to know a new country, culture and people is always nicer on two wheels. I decided, therefore, to join a cycle group immediately upon my arrival. I soon discovered Cycle Luxembourg and to my delight they had a ride planned the very next weekend.

A nice mixed group of about a dozen people met up by the public bike pump at Rond Point Schumann on that (fateful!) cold November day. Guillaume (now my friend) led us on a lovely ride to the west. The names of these places so unfamiliar to me then: Strassen, Garnich, Bertrange. We finished at Les Thermes, looking to warm ourselves up with a sauna and some hot chocolate.

“See that man, he’s all alone / I ring my bell and smile at him” Hopkins/Burgess – My White Bicycle

By now I was warm and happy, and reflecting on how the bicycle had helped me discover some great new people and allowed me to see a good slice of this beautiful country I had arrived in. And I had only been here a couple of weeks!

One member of the group asked me for my number as he hoped to meet up again some time. I laughed and politely declined; I’d only just moved to Luxembourg, I had a brand new challenging job to settle into. I had no time or inclination for meeting someone right now!

“Thinking of a girl I met / A phone call I haven’t made yet” Mark Ronson – The Bike Song

A couple of weeks later I was enjoying a warming cup of mulled wine at my first Christmas market in Luxembourg when a familiar voice said “Hello”. It was the handsome cyclist from the CL ride! We had a lovely evening at the market and this time I did give him my number. He called, we went to many concerts at the Rockhal, we got on very well and cut forward to the spring of 2016 and it’s our wedding day.

“…no leave take I; for I will ride, as far as land will let me, by your side” Richard II Act I, Scene 3

It has been four years now since we met on that first ride and I continue to enjoy exploring new places and meeting my old friends and making new ones. We still cycle a lot, and still join Cycle Luxembourg for their rides, why don’t you join us on the next one? I can’t guarantee that you’ll find a spouse along the way; but you will find a great time and some new friends.

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