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Group Coffeeneuring Ride to Esch-sur-Alzette

A beautiful sunny October day greeted us for our ‘coffeeneuring’ ride to Esch on Sunday. Also greeting us was lovely varied group, with many nationalities and many ages, from 12 to, er, shall we say “not-so-young”? A mixture, too, of friends and soon-to-be-friends, of old faces and new. We also had some examples of that most modern of phenomena; ‘friends’ only on social-media finally meeting for the first time! Thanks so much to everyone who came along and supported this ride!

Riding south-west to Esch is often missed off itineraries and many of our number mentioned that they had never done it before. So this ride at least filled that omission. Snaking out of the city, with barely a wrong turn or a split in the group we were soon off the PC1 and onto the PC9. This lovely route does have some challenging ups and downs but even our youngest member tackled them all with a smile on her face.

The Start


From Ehlange-sur-Mess we left the cycling path to nip across to Mondercange so we could hop on the new cycling path into Esch, alongside the road. A little confusion upon entering Esch, but we were all soon reunited and enjoyed a well-earned ‘eligible beverage’ at the delightful and friendly Escher Kafe.

Here Stefan and daughter left us to jump on the train home, and we tackled the horrendous mess that was once known as the ‘Piste Cyclable 6’. Much of this appeared to be dug up and Guillaume and Tristan guided us through each new blockage expertly.

A Diverting Ride


Overall it was a delightful ride: the woods and forests just beginning to turn to their autumn colours; the company was fantastic; the sunshine glorious. Nearing the city various riders dropped off to head home and the final group returned to the Gëlle Fra – 60km after leaving her – to see the beginnings of a lovely sunset. Thus we bid our farewells, flushed and triumphant and looking forward to the next one. – watch the ride here.

It’s complicated…

So that was the first Coffeeneuing ride. You have 5 and a half weeks to add six more. No more than two per week, and each one to a different location. We at Cycle Luxembourg will organise a shorter “coffee without walls” on the last weekend of the challenge for those brave enough for an outdoors coffee in November!

See you then!

Don’t forget to post your rides here, on Facebook, or on twitter using #coffeeneuringLux and #Coffeeneuring

The Group Relaxing with coffee

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