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Picture credit – Chasing Mailboxes

What is Coffeeneuring? Put simply it is to search for, and partake of, great coffee on two wheels.

Whilst this can take place, of course, all day and every day, Chasing Mailboxes have created a specific challenge to help encourage the uptake of autumnal Coffeeneuring. This year it all starts on Friday 13th October and the seven weeks run until Sunday 19th November 2017.

The rules are simple and can be read in full here , but in essence they boil down to these key points:

◾ over the course of 7 weeks;

◾ ride your bike 7 different places (one, or two, rides per week)

◾ at least 3 kilometres round-trip each time,

◾ drink 7 cups of coffee (or similar, e.g. tea, hot chocolate etc), and

◾ take 7 pictures as proof of your coffeeneuring, for submission.

Whilst the organisers ask you to submit all 7 photographs once the challenge is complete, we ask that you tweet us or post to facebook after each ride. We can build up a picture of the best Coffeeneuring spots throughout the Grand Duchy.

To get things going Cycle Luxembourg will organise a Coffeeneuring ride for Sunday 15th October. Watch this space for further details.

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