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Photo credit : Chasing Mailboxes

ALL cyclists drink coffee, right? OK, maybe not all but they seem to go together well; motorists have their black energy-giving liquid and we have ours. This notion brings an intriguing idea from the States, an idea aimed at discovering new routes and new coffee shops. It’s called Coffeeneuring.

The idea is simple. Once a week for seven weeks (from early October to late November) take a ride, stop for a brew along the way and take a photo there. Each ride and each coffee stop must be different and if you complete the challenge you can even receive a small memento of your achievement*. But more importantly you will have uncovered new routes and new Bean Juice shops, and helped us put Luxembourg firmly on the Coffeeneuring map.

Don’t like the Joe? No problem! The rules are pretty flexible; hot chocolate, tea and pretty much any drink qualifies. What’s important is that all of the 7 locations are different.

Here at Cycle Luxembourg we have our own favoured spots for a drop of the Jitter Juice, but are always keen to find new ones to help complete this challenge – So drop a comment here or tweet us spilling the beans on where to grab some great C8H10N4O2.

STARTING DATE AND MORE INFO TO FOLLOW TO FOLLOW #coffeeneuring #coffeeneuringLux

*for the low fee of around 5€ – this is optional

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