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The Locked Gates Of The City

Take a compass and take a map. Draw a circle from the City Centre with a radius of what? 10km? 15km? That should be a nice cycle commute, surely?

We know that over 40% of employees here in Luxembourg travel in daily from beyond the borders, but a sizeable proportion live in the surroundings of the city. With good infrastructure, carefully placed, these fortunate individuals could easily be smugly flying past the rows of stationary cars.

At the moment I believe that safe, direct and well(ish) connected entries to the city by bike are limited to just four: From the South, up the Alzette (and lift), from the East; into Kirchberg from Senningerberg, and on to Oberanven and Junglinster; from the North through Pafendall and up the new lift; and from the West from Mamer and Strassen, although this route is a quite unsatisfactory.

This map has two 15km circles, one centred on Kirchberg, the other the city. It encompasses a surprising amount of the south; pretty much all of it in fact.

So, is this an area worth putting effort into? Do we know if anyone commutes the 15km or so on safe track from Junglinster to Kirchberg, for instance? What “locked gates” are there? For example the Sandweiler roundabout forces the whole of the eastern corridor up to Senningerberg or down to Hesper. And how can we open them up? Are there more “open gates” that I’ve missed?

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