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Heatmap centered on Cents

Heatmap centered on Cents. Bigger interactive version

Pedaling from your flat in Cents to go for a swim in the Coque, going by cargo bike from Neudorf to Kirchberg to do your shopping, cycling from Sandweiler to go to work in the city, or walking from your office on Kirchberg to catch the evening train home to Trier in Hamm? It sounds impossible today — the big valley of Neudorf stands forbiddingly in the way — but the City of Luxembourg’s 2006 bicycle concept envisaged a bicycle bridge between Kirchberg and Cents that would make this reality.

This important missing link in the capital’s bike network would connect two major working and residential areas. Thanks to the lift to Neudorf, the bridge will provide residents of this neighborhood a fast connection to the Kirchberg and the city center. The project is of utmost importance, both in terms of daily trips to the tourist networks. It would not only make the capital available to residents of surrounding communities in the East, but would also provide a topographically favorable link to the Moselle region. But after ten years and two drafts of a bridge with a lift to Neudorf, the city’s project has yet to enter a concrete execution phase.

Our friends at the Lëtzebuerger Vëlosinitiativ recently handed in a petition of 1652 signatures to ask the City of Luxembourg to advance its implementation as soon as possible.

Cycleluxembourg’s analysis of the signatories’ postal codes reveals the intensity of participation, and the overwhelming enthusiasm in Cents with 446 signatures. Neudorf is less keen with 66 signatures; on twitter, @luxembourgize tries to offer an explanation.

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