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On Wednesday, April 9th, 2014, the new M-Box secure bike parking cage was inaugurated at the Luxembourg Central train station by the Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, François Bausch, and the directors of Verkéiersverbond – Communauté des Transports and the Luxembourg National Rail Company (CFL). The M-Box, featured on our blog in February, has been open for several months but has now been officially introduced to the public.

The M-Box is not only a single bike parking location, but a wider scheme that will offer free, 24/7 secure bike parking in locations all across Luxembourg. These ‘boxes’ will be located near public transport hubs to allow commuters to easily integrate cycling into their journeys. Beginning with the installation of the second M-Box at the train station in Mersch, these boxes will eventually be found at train stations and future e-mobility hubs across the country, and will be accessible with the new e-Go public transit cards when they are introduced later this year. In addition, the M-Boxes will be offered to public institutions, communes and private companies interested in better accommodating cycling.

How to use the M-Box:

1. Get a free electronic access card at the Mobilitéitszentral ticket counter at the Luxembourg Central train station (€20 deposit required).

2. Use your card to enter the M-Box at any time to lock up or retrieve your bike.

>>For more information, download the brochure (PDF)

More news on the M-Box:

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