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Bike-lovers, join us for a ride between the Grund and Fentange (11km one way). The ride is on the “Piste cyclable du Centre” (PC1). In Fentange or back in the Grund we will stop for a drink or a nice ice cream. The ride will take 1.5-2h max.

Date: Saturday, March 15, 2014

Time: 10h30m

Meeting point: Neumünster Abbey cafe, 28 rue Münster, 2160 Grund, Luxembourg

The event could be cancelled in case of (heavy) rain, ice or snow:
– Bike with lights is advisable
– We don’t assume any responsibility in case of accident
– If you arrive by car, don’t worry, we will return to the starting point.
– No need for a mountain bike as all the way is on asphalt or concrete.
– There are only 1-2 small hills. The terrain is 99.9% flat

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