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Want to buy or sell a bike? Come to Belle Etoile’s annual used bicycle market, VeloOccasiouns-Maart!

There will be hundreds of bikes of all types, shapes, sizes and colours to choose from, at affordable prices.

The market will take place from Friday, March 14 to Saturday, March 22 in the underground parking garage (green) of the Belle Etoile shopping centre. If you’d like to sell a bike, bring it in on March 14 or 15.

€5 from the sale of each bike will go to Luxembourg Youth Red Cross.
Location: Belle Etoile Shopping Center, Route d’Arlon, Bertrange, L-8050
Dates: 14-22.03.2014


  1. Odia Nosa / August 14, 2017 at 03:26 / Reply

    Hi! Please any help or suggestion in getting a very affordable bicycle please?

    • David Thomas / September 6, 2017 at 11:49 / Reply

      Hi Odia.

      If looking for a second hand bike there are a few options. The best usually is the big spring-time one at Belle Etoile, usually around March time.

      However there are also options elsewhere, for example B:Loft just organised a 2 day bike sale at Rotondes. Very often The Gemengs will organise a mobility event, which will often have a second hand bike sale, you can sometimes get lucky at these, keep looking for them!

      European Mobility week is coming up (16-22 Sept) and Luxembourg will particpate. There may well be second hand bike markets across the country at local level. Check here http://www.mobiliteitswoch.lu/

      On a permanent basis the two Troc shops in Lux and Esch usually have one or two bikes (not always great or that cheap, but worth a look if you pass by) also the Sell n Buy shop in Bertrange may be worth a look.

      For new bikes here is a map of bike shops http://map.geoportail.lu/theme/main?map_id=3bca46b260e1413a9954559652967f74&version=3&zoom=10&X=682406&Y=6397677&lang=fr&layers&opacities&bgLayer=topo_bw_jpeg

      There is a facebook group here for selling bikes, but tend not to be at all cheap https://www.facebook.com/groups/201241546643695/

      Finally if you are in the city the Vel’oh city bikes are as cheap as they can get – either 1€ a week or 15€ for a full year (each rental is free for first half hour then 1€ an hour.)

      Hope this helps a little bit and good luck

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