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Recently an interesting bike race took place in Gifu prefecture, Japan. For more than 8 hours cyclists raced on hand-made tricycles. The goal was to ride as far as possible within a limited period of time.

The first race took place 4 years ago in the channel of Nagara river, when a local union of cycling fans organized a group ride.

Ten teams from all over the Gifu prefecture participated in this competition. The number of members on each team was different. After the start signal, pedalling as hard as they could, the participants did their best to circle the 400m track as many times as possible within 500 min (8h20min).

The diameter of the tricycle tires was less than 40 cm. When tired, the team members replaced each other. There were also single racers. A 23 y.o. student: “I’m tired, but shifting with my team-mates, we put together our efforts and I want to continue”.

Each lap gave the participants 10 yen. Afterwards, this money was donated to the prefecture of Gifu.

source: NHK-news

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  1. David Thomas / November 9, 2013 at 21:00 / Reply

    Fascinating stuff, would love to see that. I think tricycles used to be under the UCI, but haven’t been for some time but there is still a World Championship I believe

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