Urban Cycling – get started!

 •  October 17

Have you ever ridden your bike in Luxembourg City? In this article I’ll try to dispel common fears and myths about urban cycling, and show that...

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Hej cyklist! – Copenhagen by bike, part 2

 •  October 13

Copenhagen cycling infrastructure – a wonderful thing I was struck by the huge number of cyclists in Copenhagen, and how relaxed, good looking and...

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A ride along Le Chemin de la Moselle, Metz-Remich (80 km)

 •  October 11

This trip was in my cycling plan already for a while, and a couple of days ago I spontaneously decided to do it. After going through my collection of...

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11.10.2013 – Fundraising event for Kapp to Cape project

 •  October 8

On Friday, October 11, 2013, Epic Bar will host a fundraising event for the Kapp to Cape project. Reza Pakravan and Steven Powles are aiming to break...

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