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This trip was in my cycling plan already for a while, and a couple of days ago I spontaneously decided to do it. After going through my collection of maps, I found the one of the Lorraine region, checked trains for the next morning and set up my alarm clock.

My journey started at 6:30 am from Miersch railway station. So early, because that evening I had a harp lesson in the Conservatoire d’Esch, and before that I was supposed to bike 80 km. I bought a ticket from Bettembourg – Metz (which surprisingly was only €12.60) and took the train.

I woke up 3 min before my station, Metz-ville (which was good because the train proceeded to Nancy :)). It was 8 am. At the info centre of the Gare I got the map of the city and started cycling. Metz is a beautiful city, especially early in the morning, shortly after the dawn, when it’s still half-sleeping (eh, me too, at 8 o’clock :). I was looking for a place where I could drink a coffee, but didn’t find anything and just passed through the city. After 5 km I finally saw the beginning of the regional cycling path Le Chemin de la Moselle.

That’s what I actually saw there. Don’t worry, only the first 100 m were like this. Afterwards the normal bike lane surface with asphalt began.

The cycling path mostly follows the Moselle river, but near Metz it isn’t sign-posted very well, so I had to ask local people the directions several times. The road was rather lonely – an industrial zone on the left hand and fields on the right. And no coffee. Does anyone want to buy an industrial zone, btw? 😉

By 11:30 I reached Thionville, the middle point of my journey. Keeping in mind my harp lesson in the evening, I decided not to stop and passed the town along the bank of the river. The next several hours I spent enjoying nice weather and following signs on the path. I got lost only 3 times 🙂

Almost at the end, near Rettel, I faced a problem. Namely, I was facing a sign that said “Route barrée”. After bypassing that part through the nearest village, I returned to the cycling path and saw the same sign again. Without any info where I can actually go instead. This time I decided that I don’t care and continued regardless of the sign. The route wasn’t barrée that badly, well, for cars may be, but not for my bike 🙂 The road led me to Sierck-les-Bains, a village located almost at the 3 borders. Don’t know why, but all the bakeries, as well as the other shops were closed. No coffee again. WTF?? I want coffee!!!

After lunch in a local supermarket, I continued the ride. At 15h I finally arrived in Schengen. From there only 9 km more to Remich, where I took a bus to the city at 15:40.

The coffee I was dreaming about the whole day finally happened at Gare Centrale. That was the end of my one-day cycling trip. And I even managed to show up at the Conservatoire on time!


  1. David / October 12, 2013 at 13:22 / Reply

    Looks a great ride, thanks for the report and photos.

    I have ridden the Mosel Radweg from Wasserbillig to Koblenz, and it was lovely, if a little cold (I did it in February).

    The signage there is excellent; as is this map http://www.publicpress.de/mosel-radweg-perl-koblenz.html although it is only the Perl to Koblenz section its very well thought out and presented.

    I too have found that the “Route barrée” is to be ignored 9 times out of 10 for the cyclist – although that one time when you do have to turn back can be frustrating!

    Thanks again for posting about this ride, it has given me itchy feet (itchy wheels?) just reading about it!


    • Tatiana-san / October 14, 2013 at 18:42 / Reply

      David, thanks, I’m happy that my report was useful:)
      I’m planning to do the Mosel Radweg as well. Do you have a report or pictures from your ride? Would be interesting to have a look.

  2. Tatiana-san / October 14, 2013 at 18:41 / Reply

    David, thanks, I’m happy that my report was useful:)
    I’m planning to do the Mosel Radweg as well. Do you have a report or pictures from your ride? Would be interesting to have a look.

  3. David / October 15, 2013 at 20:43 / Reply

    Oh yes I do! Don’t ask that, I have too too many photos! Next time I get to an event I will bring the map.

    Not sure if you can see this https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152187585600995.448805.649270994&type=1&l=1344daa06e if not let me know and we can find a different way to share the Mosel Radweg photos.

    On the subject of sharing photos I have been tweeting some photos from rides here in Luxembourg with #LostLanesLux – inspired by the Lost Lanes book by Jack Thurston, about rides in Southern UK http://thebikeshow.net/lost-lanes-shop/ have a look, and tweet some of your own!

    Final question – did you take the 160 from Remich? Can you put your bike on service buses here in Luxembourg?


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