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My bike was one of the first things I bought when I moved to Luxembourg. I could not imagine living anywhere without having a two-wheeler. But for many years it only served me occasionally, during weekend trips outside the city or for an evening ride to a party when I knew I would miss the last bus. Most of the time it was waiting in the basement and collecting dust.

Our current affair flared up only last year, after I moved to another commune in Luxembourg where I have a bike path just at my doorstep that leads to my workplace. Persuaded by my colleagues, I signed up for the Luxembourg City action “Mam Velo op d’Schaff” and I began hesitantly to cover the way to work by bike. The beginnings were difficult – old habits die hard, especially that the bike ride took me three times longer than the same travel by car. But soon I discovered the joys of being independent from the traffic and the pleasure of some exercise every morning. I’m not bothered by traffic jams anymore and I am free of the busy motorway as I cycle along a pleasant path through the forest.

Commuting to work became leisure rather than a necessary evil. I’ve even found out that occasional bad weather does not rule out biking, it all comes down to appropriate clothing. Now it’s my car that is slowly starting to collect dust in the garage and I choose my bike whenever I can.


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