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Inspired by the sunny weather we’ve planned another cycling afternoon this Saturday, September 7th.

We’ll meet at 14:00 by the Vel’oh! stand and bike pump near the Glacis and the Fondation Pescatore bus stop.
Map View

Our tour will make a little circle to the east of Luxembourg City as follows:


The total route is about 45km, however after 20km we will be close to the train line, what makes possible to get on the train to Luxembourg City from several points: Roodt-sur-Syre, Oetrange, Sandweiler-Cotern.

In the middle of the ride we may stop for a fresh drink and after the cycle ride we’ll enjoy an ice cream sundae together.

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  1. David Thomas / September 6, 2013 at 09:17 / Reply

    Oh no! Going to have to miss this as well – and you are going very close to me too!

    I know these roads and cycle paths very well – you are going to have a lovely ride.

    I really hope to see you all soon


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