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“It is a silver space between two rains;
The lulling storm has given to the day
An hour of windless air and riven grey;
The world is drained of color; light remains.”

                                                                   (Nora May French)

It was one of those unique days between two days of steady rain.

In the early morning it was cold and grey, and my last hope of a hot summer day was gone… Only six of us met at the pump station. Hesitating between cycling to the lake in Remerschen or heading directly to the Les Thermes swimming pool in Strassen, we slowly headed to the second meeting point at the Viaduc…

Wow! I never expected this! Ten more riders, fit, young, and motivated to cycle in rain or shine were impatiently waiting there. It took us less than 5 minutes to make up our minds. Discussion was even unnecessary, because everyone wanted to cycle to the lake!

By and by, the weather did reward us fully for this decision… no single drop of rain fell until late evening and we even had a short spell of sunshine while swimming in the lake.

We enjoyed the 30km ride on a low traffic road with just a few hills and a long roll down with an amazing view onto a valley with cultivated fields, a little village and the banks of a lake.

In Remerschen it was very quiet and empty. Nobody expected any tourists to come and only one little Italian restaurant on the beach had a few clients. We parked our bicycles on the deserted beach and sat on the terrace for lunch. When the warm rays of sunshine showed themselves, half of the group went swimming, while the other half relaxed on the grass.

Later in the afternoon we headed to Remich following the river bank. In Remich we split into three groups: the first took a bus to the city, the second cycled back on PC7, and the third cycled to Wasserbillig along the famous Moselle Wine Route. This route has beautiful vineyards, plum and apple tree plantations, and blackberry bushes, and a calm river surface accompanies the meandering river route. Highly recommended to all.

As we arrived in rainy Luxembourg City later that evening we wondered if the whole Sunday was grey here, and the nice weather had only followed the lively cyclists!

Thank you all for your motivation, humour and energy! Enjoy the last of the summer days and keep cycling!

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