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Pierre writes:

“For 3 years I have been the proud owner of a Pedersen bicycle.
I used to have a normal bike. Due to my age I then decided to look on the internet to buy another one. In fact, I knew more or less what I was looking for, especially gears hub, dynamo, etc.

But while surfing the net, I saw a very specially designed bike called “Pedersen”. The first time I just had a quick overall look but the second time I went further into the details.

I took a trip to Germersheim in Germany to visit the “Spezi” exhibition where they only show special bikes. I had the chance to meet Michael Kemper, who produces the Pedersen bikes in a small village close to Erkelenz and could even test the bike. I then decided to buy this Pedersen, hand and tailor made by Kemper. My bike has hydraulic disc brakes, a SON dynamo as well as a Rohloff hub and a belt drive.

I just love my bike and it’s extremely comfortable: neither my back nor wrists hurt me 🙂 I sit straight, a little bit like on a “Holland bike” which is fun as I am high up and see much better all over. So far I have covered about 8500 km on it.”

Pierre - J'aime mon vélo Pedersen
History of the Pedersen bike in a nutshell:

In the early 1890s, Mikael Pedersen moved from Denmark to the UK and decided to build a light and comfortable bike on the model of a wooden frame he had designed earlier. He ran his business for some years but he did not succeed in selling the patent. Late last century, another Dane restarted the production in Denmark with the help of a German bike seller. Today there are still two manufacturers in Germany: Michael Kemper and Pedersen Manufactur.


  1. Guillaume / August 27, 2013 at 15:42 / Reply

    What a gorgeous, fun bike. I heard Pedersens are a bit like riding in a hammock.

  2. pierre / August 29, 2013 at 19:18 / Reply

    I’d rather say it is a cool way for riding.
    If we meet (Lux is small) I let you try

  3. gosia / August 30, 2013 at 01:08 / Reply

    i rode it and the feeling was great. you don’t swing like in a hammock at all. Pierre’s bicycle is special. it is fully customised: each tiny detail. it combines tradition (frame) with new technologies (a charger for gps or mobile phone). and it conceals a romantic element.

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