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It was an unusual Saturday: wake up early, pack your backpack, check your bike and race to the meeting point. 12 half-sleeping cyclists met in the early morning of Saturday, August 17th at the central train station in Luxembourg City for our bike ride through Saarland.

Once we were sure that everyone managed to get on the train and that our bicycles were stacked safely together, we had another half an hour for a quick breakfast, little chat and a discussion of our route. At 9:45am our train stopped in Wasserbillig. With some excellent team work, all the bicycles were scattered about the platform in a few seconds.

We headed to the Esplanade de Mosel and crossed the river on a ferry, to where our cycling route officially started. Being separated into two groups for a little while, we finally came together again after about 10km at the first shipping lock on the Saar river.

17.08.2013 Cycling day in Saarland

The route map

A nice cycling path follows each river bend, most of the time uncovering lovely spots, beautiful scenery of the riverbank, Riesling grape fields, countryside views, and the old castle ruins of Saarburg, constructed by Graf Siegfried of Luxembourg in 964. After 40km of cycling we were tired and hungry, so we stopped in Mettlach for our lunch.

The second part of this bike ride started with a steep and long slope. After a long, tough climb, us stubborn cyclists reached the top! We were rewarded with an amazing view of the spectacular loop in the the river, the “Saar loop”. Here we began our return to Luxembourg City.

Following Tristan’s suggestion, we took a little road with no traffic, which passes through peaceful wheat fields and lovely villages. We arrived in Remich at 19:00, where most of us decided to take a bus the rest of the way and only Fadi, Guillaume and Tristan, our cyclists with unlimited energy, cycled all the way back to the city.

It was really a great day, with wonderful weather, amazing views, a lovely cycling route and fantastic company! Thank you all for the unforgettable experience and the most pleasant of memories!

See some photos from the day below:

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