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On Sunday, August 11, 2013 we followed the national cycle path PC1, which does a circle around Luxembourg City. Our cycling path ran mostly through the forest with a few little hills which brought to the ride a light spirit of adventure.

The afternoon ride had a bit of everything: a beautiful panorama view of the Old Town, fixing a punctured tire, juggling, laughing and enjoying the sun on the terrace of the Luxembourg youth hostel’s café in Clausen. After 20km of cycling and a long refreshing break at the café, a few cyclists decided to continue on and follow the southern half of the PC1 route.

After 45km in total, everyone had tired legs but happy faces as we watched the sunset fall slowly over the town. Another beautiful sunny cycling afternoon came to an end.

Thank you to all who joined us on that day! Additional thanks goes to Guillaume for guiding us and Tristan for feeding all the tired cyclists!

Check out some photos from the ride below:

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