Coupe Scolaire, a Luxembourgish tradition

 •  July 11

Photo above from The Coupe Scolaire is annual event that is held in every commune in Luxembourg that has a primary...

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14.07.2013 — Sunday Cycling Afternoon

 •  July 10

Let's cycle together this sunny Sunday afternoon! We will meet by the Veloh! stand and bike pump near the Glacis and the Fondation Pescatore bus...

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A look back at the Fête du Vélo in photos and video

 •  July 9

The annual Fête du Vélo bike festival took place in Luxembourg City this year on Sunday, June 30, and we took the opportunity to put up a Cycle...

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I ♥ fixed bike – Tim

 •  July 3

Tim's bike story: "I was looking for bike parts at different junkyards when I noticed a bike against a tree in a field. The next time I passed by...

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