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A couple days ago I was cycling from Bertrange to Bridel where I had an appointment. It was only 10km, I had enough time, so I decided to follow the cycling path suggested by Google Maps (recently they launched a new service).

First, everything was fine. I’ve crossed Strassen, found a bike path leading to the forest. And then, all of a sudden, the asphalt surface ended. Voilà: (a bike path, according to Google Maps)


I rode as far as it was possible, until I saw huge stairs (the place definitely lacks a sign “Vélos à mains s.v.p.” :)).


After exploring the further way by foot I eventually decided to carry my bike up to the hill. There, behind a small bridge above the A6 highway, a normal cycling path begins. Well, normal for mountain bikes 🙂


How I love my tires! They forgive me all my adventures. All the way through the forest (several km) was like this. It’s fine if you have a mountain bike, but with thin tires I would strongly recommend not to go there 🙂 Finally, I’ve arrived to Bridel, with delay, but arrived!

Bridel sign

To sum up, Google Maps is very good. And the idea of online cycling path maps is awesome. But at the moment (July 2013) the service is still “raw”, at the stage of beta-testing. If you’re planning a bike trip, don’t rely on it.

On the website of Google Maps you can report about places that are not suited for cycling, as well as unmapped bike paths. Let’s help Google to improve the service! All in all, we’ll do it for ourselves and other cyclists.

-Learn more about the new cycling directions

-Go to Google Maps

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  1. Mike Gordon / July 24, 2013 at 22:36 / Reply

    Google Maps’ cycling content for Luxembourg is very poor. It lacks the kind of user support it needs. (Part of the problem is the lack of adequate cycling infrastructure in this country.) Lots of people locally are, however, updating the OpenCycleMap (http://www.opencyclemap.org/), part of the OpenStreetMap project. Check it out. It’s not as user friendly, but it has all the relevant info and is properly-annotated. You can use the website and an iOS app. I suppose, but don’t know that there are other flavours of app. Try it! Compare the route it proposes and let us know which service does better!

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