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This past Sunday, June 16th, Cycle Luxembourg held its second event, a bike ride and picnic in the park.

We met at the Pirate ship park in the centre of Luxembourg City and cycled along the quiet street Gaston Diderich towards the bottom of Merl, where we joined the national route PC1. It’s a very nice route that offers a bit of everything: city, countryside, forest, and valley, and is easy enough for everyone.

Crossing the road
Kockelscheuer After cycling through the Kockelscheuer forest, we cycled through Fentange to the park in Hesperange, where we stopped for a picnic (and some juggling lessons).

Then we changed our original plans and cycled back along the same route to check out the nature fair, Fest vun der Natur, at the nature centre in Kockelscheuer. It was nice to how many bikes were parked at the entrance!
Fest vun der Natur
Overall, it was a fun and relaxing event that we’ll repeat again soon!


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