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Critical Mass is a worldwide cycling event which is generally held on the last Friday of the month.

In 2011, a group of motivated everyday cyclists started a critical mass in Luxembourg City.

Critical Mass Luxembourg is essentially about the celebration of cycling. We gather the last Friday of every month at 18:30 next to the Gëlle Fra. Yes, be it rain or sun. We pedal around the city centre at a leisurely pace, stop for a ‘bike lift’ (see picture), and distribute leaflets and spoke cards. Each Critical Mass is unique as a route might be set spontaneously by someone in the group and the event is open to all: mountain, urban, fixies, recumbent, cargo, vel’oh and other bikes are all welcome.

Why does Luxembourg need Critical Mass? Because we have a right to share the city roads on equal terms with cars and other members of traffic. We are not blocking the traffic: We are traffic. These rides are a way to reclaim the public space: they show that cyclists exist next to pedestrians, cars and other traffic participants.

Our critical mass also has other aims. It is a step forward towards a more bike-friendly city where cycling is something more than a pastime. It is part of a lifestyle. As cyclists are not yet visible enough in Luxembourg, together we want to revive the local cycling culture.

Critical Mass has an environmental dimension too: we care about the future and that is why we choose a virtually pollution-free means of transport. We want to promote cycling as an alternative to cars which, sadly, dominate the cityscape.

The bigger the critical mass the more impact we will have on local policy-makers and urban planners. Join us to make a difference.

Where will you be this Friday? See you at 18h30 near Gëlle Fra, keep on cycling.

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(Original Text: Małgorzata Ławer – Blog adaption: Steve Clement)

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