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The first ‘Coffee, cake and cycling‘ event took place yesterday afternoon in Luxembourg City with a route that started at Bouneweger Stuff in Bonnevoie, followed the cycle path along the Alzette river and ended with a drink outside the Abbaye de Neumünster in the Grund.

Coffee, cake and cycling n1 Route

16 people arrived for the ride at Bouneweger Stuff and we quickly took over the sidewalk with our bikes!

Bikes in Bonnevoie

The group was a mix of nationalities from around the world and everyone had the opportunity to meet new people while leisurely cycling through the city and the path through the forest.

Waiting to cross

Forest path

The route is a very safe and easy one, and is almost entirely on official bike paths. There were only two (small) hills to climb – though a couple of people made their way up some steeper ones for fun!

Down the hill

We stopped for our second drink in the Grund, where the terraces were heaving with people out enjoying the summery weather.

One of the group suggested Le Neumünster where we all enjoyed some cold drinks under the relaxing canopy.



We then stuffed our bikes into the Grund elevator (in several trips!) and made our way to the Upper City for some ice cream, where the centre was set up for the annual marathon. Luckily we managed to avoid both marathon blockages and the forecasted thunderstorm on our ride!

All in all, it was a successful first event and I look forward to organising the next ones!

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